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About Us

Driving Innovation In Armenia’s Tourism

Who We Are

The Tourism Support Center

The “Tourism Support Center” Foundation (TSC) was established in 2021 to implement entrepreneurship education and startup support initiatives based on proven innovative approaches in the tourism sector in Armenia. Its inaugural project is the Tourism Innovation Academy, in partnership with Impact Hub Yerevan. 

Impact Hub Yerevan

Impact HUB Yerevan in Armenia was established in 2016 and is a part of a global movement of 100+ Impact Hubs around the world. Since its establishment Impact Hub Yerevan has designed and implemented 20+ programs, hosted over 400 educational workshops and events, and now hosts over 220 members with over 100 projects/organizations representing every sector in Armenia.

It provides its entrepreneurs and innovators with networking opportunities, resources, educational programs and events all within an inspiring space. Impact HUB is also a social innovation incubator and has multiyear experience in designing and leading incubation and acceleration programs, where through education, networking opportunities and access to different resources they support social projects through the stages of ideas to implementation to impact.

The Tourism Innovation Academy 

The Tourism Innovation Academy (TIA) is a project that works to develop a tourism startup ecosystem and provide extensive entrepreneurship support. Overall, Impact Hub Yerevan and the Tourism Support Center will equip entrepreneurs with relevant skills, knowledge, networking opportunities, and the capacity to compete in national and global markets.


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Impact HUB Yerevan

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